Thursday, 23 July 2009

Producers of Warcraft

A bunch of producers have now been announced. By the looks of things, it seems like things are starting to be peiced together and the Warcraft movie is now being taken into the works.

Executive Producer - Robert Tapert
Co-Producer - Chris Metzen
Producer - Charles Roven
Producer - Sam Raimi
Producer - Alex Gartner
Producer - Thomas Tull
Producer - Jon Jashni
Producer - Joshua Donen

It seems Sam Raimi will also be producers as well as the director. Will this be a big fail or a true masterpeice? Time will tell... has the entire story!

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Director Announced

It seems that Blizzard and Legendary Pictures have finally found a director for the film (that most likely won't be released for ATLEAST two years)(It took two years just to find a director!)

The director is named Sam Raimi who is famous for his Spider-Man adaptions. Not only that, but he has recieved 5 Academy Awards nominations in his career.

Destructoid has the story:

"Sam Raimi came out of humble beginnings making films with his buddies up in Michigan only to wind up responsible for the biggest film trilogies ever to grace the summer blockbuster circuit. Now, the guy who made super-hero movies cool again will turn his camera lens on gaming as Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures have tapped him to direct a film based on World of Warcraft.
While it might not seem so strange for the guy who made B-movies such as The Evil Dead and Maniac Cop to be making a licensed videogame movie, that's not really who Raimi is anymore. He's the goddamn Spider-man guy now. And with Blizzard bucks backing him and a massive audience practically guaranteed to go and see the film, it's practically a perfect storm. Whether it winds up being the most successful videogame film to date or the biggest financial failure since Super Mario Bros. is pretty much anyone's guess, but if anyone can pull it out, it's probably Raimi.
Check out a press release after the jump that lauds the many achievements of Raimi and the assorted producers involved in the project. What do you guys think? Would you watch a Sam Raimi-directed World of Warcraft flick?"

Click on for the whole story.